Wednesday, April 29, 2015

X-ACTO Words

The way we choose to use our words makes a difference every time we speak. Words are one of the most powerful tools we humans possess. We can, with one simple utterance, lift someone up, tear them a new a$$ hole or crush their spirit.

Sometimes, we do can do two (or all three) of these things within seconds of one or the other leaving the recipient of our tongue lashing confused, hurt, down and maybe even questioning their own self worth. Imagine that. Uttering a word that makes a fellow human being question their value as a human being.

Let's face it, when we tear down and lift up in nearly the same breath, it's the demeanng part that others remember. That's the part tha make the biggest difference. That's the part that destroys.

And we know it.

And we do it anyway.

Words can cut with the quick accuracy of an X-acto knife into our hearts and minds. Sometimes even making a slow, deliberate cut deep into our souls.

Have you ever stood in a checkout line and heard someone cut the cashier for something so trivial that making the scene is worse than the infraction? Have you done it yourself?

Once those X-acto words are out there, the first domino has been pushed and, quite possibly, the rest of the reciever's day will be spent feeling so bad tha they may be inclined to share this sad/bad feelng with everyone with whom they cross paths.

When we choose to use words that cut with the precision of an X-acto knife, we affect many more than one person. We may start the process with only one person but, by the time the day is over, we've actually caused hundred to be affected.

Yes, we may be having a bad day or we may have just been cut by someone else and find ourselves sharing that pain. The reason, whatever it may be, is unimportant. The fact that we do it is mean no matter what the motivation. Mean. Hateful. Callous.

I find it particularly cold-hearted when words are used that cut children. When I see this happen, I bring out my own X-acto knife on some jerk adult who knows better. I know, I know. But I will seriously go off on someone who does this to a child.

Ok, let's hear it. What are your stories about words?

This is day 23 (and 24) of the A-Z Challenge!


  1. Well, I agree with your last paragraph! I have been known to take an adult to task for injuring a child with words (or actions). No excuse for that. None. A good twist on your "X"!!

    1. I have been known to do that myself. They're kids for goodness sakes. Thanks!

  2. A very good post with a powerful message. Children who have had me as their teacher know I will not tolerate unkind words spoken and we are respectful of each other - as you say words can hurt us to the core! Lovely to have met you on the A to Z Challenge - I've just put up my last post so now feel rather eXhausted!! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Thank you. I'm going to catch up on reading this weekend. I finally got my last post up today. Nothing like being a day late. Good thing I don't do that at school. Ha!


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