Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Keeping Time

When I was trying to run again after all these years, I used a pacer to keep time and distance. It helped but, what with all the recurring injuries, I had to give up on the running. I haven’t really considered using one for walking mostly because, when I use the pacer, I tend to set it faster and faster and then, I’d be running again and injured, so…

I have, however, given thought to the use of a pacer to get through the daily routine. I think this would be a fantastic app to have on hand. Instead of slowly drudging through my daily chores, I would set the pacer and get through them with diligence and within a reasonable time. No more letting those books that call to me interrupt my mission. No more Hulu or Netflix crying out for me to catch up on those series that I cannot stay up late enough to watch during the school year. Nope. Those things would have to wait until after the necessaries were complete. Ok, except for ‘THE BLACKLIST’. NOTHING stands in the way of me catching up on that one.

I would pace myself through the dishes and the laundry. Through the cleaning of the bathrooms and the vacuuming. Even through cooking and all that outdoor work that I am so easily distracted from doing. The pacer app would set my pace and I would work my way through the grueling tasks in record time and then be able to do activities on my want-to list.

Or maybe I'll just hire that maid. 

Do y’all think a pacer would help you get through your daily routines? 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Toilet Paper

Don't laugh. It's way more important than you may have thought. Or, mayybe you've never given it a thought.

I never really did until I started teaching at school. When we were at the old school, we had to use kid size toilets and, well, we just got used to it. We didn't love it, but we adjusted.

At the new school, which is about 5 years old now, the adults have adult sized toilets. But, the toilet paper is absurd.

Have you ever seen this skit?

Well, that's exactly what it's like trying to get the toilet paper out of the dispenser at school. Only worse. Because they supply us with the cheapest, thinnest paper ever made. It's like rice paper, only thinner. WAY thinner. So, every time you do get a hold of a piece and pull, you're lucky if you retrieve one WHOLE square.

Now, imagine having to deal with this situation when you have about three seconds to go to the bathroom before your next class.

Ellen, my sweet, you nailed it.

How's the TP where you work?

Monday, May 4, 2015

A-Z Reflection

This is the real last post for the A-Z Challenge. It's the 'reflection' post. And so, upon reflection, I have come up with the following:

  • The challenge is much more difficult when I do not have prepared posts ready to go and have to write them on a daily basis. While teaching technology to 705 students every week. Yeah, that was fun. However, it is a CHALLENGE and I did accept said CHALLENGE. So I did it. No regrets.
  • I got stuck several times for words that began with certain letters. This is not new. It's happened before when I participated in the challenge on Empty Nest
  • I enjoyed combining some letters. But I left out 'U'. Good grief. How does one leave out a letter? I've been familiar with the alphabet for over half a century now. Sheesh.
  • I did not have time to read nearly the number of posts I wanted to read and, when I found out about the Road Trip linky, I was so excited. Until I discovered that the linky was closed. WTF? So, I shall go through on my own and continue reading blogs because, the ones I did have time to visit, were inspiring, entertaining, thought-provoking...Well worth the time.
  • Perhaps posting Monday-Friday and having BOTH Saturday and Sunday off for writing would be beneficial to those of us who work outside the home as well as enjoy the challenge of blogging. But that would probably throw the count off so...

All in all, it was a good time, as always. Will I do it again? We'll see, when April rolls around in 2016. :)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Yelling Zone

Do you work with someone who yells? Do you live with someone who yells? Have a friend who yells? A relative?

I do. Granted, some of them aren't actually 'yelling', as in fussing at someone, rather, they talk loud. Really loud. Really, really loud. They talk so loud your ears ache just trying to listen without passing out or telling them to tone it down. Or smacking them. 

But I am around people who do yell, as in fussing at someone, as well. And I have decided that, regardless of the reason behind the yelling, these people should have to be silent unless they are in a yelling zone. 

Yep. I am suggesting that every place of business, every home, every wherever/whatever, have a yelling zone for loud talkers and fussers. This way, they can say what they need/want to say without making others suffer. 

Imagine this: you know people who look like wild banchees when they yell. They go off and the ridiculous rant makes them look like wild monkeys at a frat party. How freaking hilarious would it be to watch them carrying on while in a yelling zone?! You wouldn't have to hear them, but you could see them. 

I vote, YES!

I also vote that these loudmouths get videoed while ranting in the yelling zones and posted on YouTube. 

It's either a yelling zone or they have got to quieten down. 

And that, friends, concludes the A-Z Challenge! And, yes, I am a day late. But y'all wouldn't know it was me if I was on time. Ha!

Lawd have mercy!