Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Keeping Time

When I was trying to run again after all these years, I used a pacer to keep time and distance. It helped but, what with all the recurring injuries, I had to give up on the running. I haven’t really considered using one for walking mostly because, when I use the pacer, I tend to set it faster and faster and then, I’d be running again and injured, so…

I have, however, given thought to the use of a pacer to get through the daily routine. I think this would be a fantastic app to have on hand. Instead of slowly drudging through my daily chores, I would set the pacer and get through them with diligence and within a reasonable time. No more letting those books that call to me interrupt my mission. No more Hulu or Netflix crying out for me to catch up on those series that I cannot stay up late enough to watch during the school year. Nope. Those things would have to wait until after the necessaries were complete. Ok, except for ‘THE BLACKLIST’. NOTHING stands in the way of me catching up on that one.

I would pace myself through the dishes and the laundry. Through the cleaning of the bathrooms and the vacuuming. Even through cooking and all that outdoor work that I am so easily distracted from doing. The pacer app would set my pace and I would work my way through the grueling tasks in record time and then be able to do activities on my want-to list.

Or maybe I'll just hire that maid. 

Do y’all think a pacer would help you get through your daily routines? 


  1. Nah, not for me. I'll just stick to the old keeping my lists handy. Blessings

    1. Lists don't do anything but sit around. And that's IF I even make one. My mom doe that. She makes a daily list and doesn't stop until it's all checked off. Not me. I'll move stuff to the next day and the next day and the next...and, quite often, take it off the list altogether because I just don't want to do it. LOL

  2. Nope. Netflix, DirectTV and Facebook all get the better of me. But you know what? I'm enjoying myself. I say "hire that maid"! You worked hard all these years. Take a break. Who love you? I do I do..<3


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