Thursday, May 14, 2015

Toilet Paper

Don't laugh. It's way more important than you may have thought. Or, mayybe you've never given it a thought.

I never really did until I started teaching at school. When we were at the old school, we had to use kid size toilets and, well, we just got used to it. We didn't love it, but we adjusted.

At the new school, which is about 5 years old now, the adults have adult sized toilets. But, the toilet paper is absurd.

Have you ever seen this skit?

Well, that's exactly what it's like trying to get the toilet paper out of the dispenser at school. Only worse. Because they supply us with the cheapest, thinnest paper ever made. It's like rice paper, only thinner. WAY thinner. So, every time you do get a hold of a piece and pull, you're lucky if you retrieve one WHOLE square.

Now, imagine having to deal with this situation when you have about three seconds to go to the bathroom before your next class.

Ellen, my sweet, you nailed it.

How's the TP where you work?


  1. Oh my, you have hit on something here. At the school I go too--well...paper thin too, must be the same supplier!!! LOLOLOL

    1. I bet you are right about that. & I bet they get the biggest laugh out of it as well. They better watch out though, karma might get them back. LOL

  2. Seriously funny! There is nothing worse than cheap skinny tp. Anywhere!!

    1. Especially when you only have a matter of seconds to get in there and get out!

  3. The TP at my work is two-ply and much better than what I call "truck stop TP" which is what you describe. Maybe time to stash a roll of the good stuff in a hiding place!


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