Saturday, April 18, 2015


How I hate them. No matter whether it's people playing politics to determine who makes what team or gets what job or a political election, I am not a fan.

It's not so much the people who are running. I have opinions about them and I make my decisions all by myself. Yep. Imagine that. I don't need to listen to what other people have to say to make a decision about how to cast my vote. For any election.

No- it's the negativity. And not just the mud slinging from the candidates, it's the negativity from friends and family who put their opinions out via social media with an air of, 'If you don't think the way I do, you're a moron.'

I don't like that. I don't want the opinions of others shoved down my throat. I do not appreciate that people think I should not only listen to their opinions but follow their advice. I fear for those who actually do listen to these forced, unsolicited influences because they cannot think for themselves. Or they're too lazy to do so.

If someone wants to share their opinion with others in a mature, interesting discussion of opinions, that's fine. I'll even jump right in. But when the insults start flying, I'm out. This is so unnecessary and it makes me feel like people are trying to force their opinions upon me.

It doesn't work. As a matter of fact, when I do not have a clear idea of how I will cast my vote, I tend to vote for the candidate that these people stand so adamantly against. And I tell them.

Yes, we all have our opinions but to thrust those opinions upon other people is not nice. And so begins my daily 'hiding' of all friends on social media who are 'sharing' their political opinions.

This is also a good time to break yourselves of the television habit. Those ads are already driving me nuts and the media is pushing people to put their judgement out there. I am not a fan of anyone who encourages discord.

Vote for whomever you choose. But don't get offended when I do the same and my candidate is not the one you support. Even if we are in agreement, that does not mean I want to read your thoughts on social media.

Will y'all be keeping friends off your feed or turning off the television?

This is Day 16 of the A-Z Challenge!


  1. I don't even read the front page of the newspaper because it makes me angry. I don't look at letters to the Editor because I can't believe how stupid and ignorant (different things) people are!! I do tend to click "Like" on Facebook when I agree with a political statement, and I will also block pages that are opposite my beliefs, but I try real hard to not comment or post something political. I'm not quiet about my political views, and I also make my own decisions in the voting booth. Good "P" post, Pam.

    1. I agree! Although I tend to block all political posts whether they agree with me or not. I get embarrassed if someone who shares my beliefs takes the low road when posting. I don't like that. I prefer to enjoy looking at dog pictures and reading stories about how someone did something kind for someone else or an animal or seeing how my friends are doing. That's much more interesting. :)

  2. Oh oh...guilty...however, I don't have FB or Twitter, just BlogSpot. And I don't mean to cause any harm or whatever when I do offer my opinion. Good post, Pam. Blessings

    1. Actually, whatever people post on their blogs is their business. I mean, blogs are all about sharing opinions or our lives or whatever we so choose. That, to me, is a bit different than posting on social media sites. Even though I don't post about politics or religion, it's certainly personal choice for all of us. On social media sites, we can't help but see it. You know what I mean?

  3. Oh yeah I do not like to tell people who I vote for that is my business, I don't go around asking everyone who they voted for so please don't ask just accept that I vote, but I will tell you what ready pisses me off it's when people waste their vote by writing that they vote for Mickey Mouse


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