Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I'm a day late with this one but, here it is anyway:

Are you good at witty replies? I am quite good at them. About three days later. You know, after my brain has time to process and weed through all the possibilities before I finally have just the right one. Of course, the moment has passed. I always tell myself that, next time, I'll be ready. But I rarely am.

I've certainly had my moments, few though they are. I'm so proud of myself when a clever quip is accessible in a flash. I feel so dang smart. Intelligent. Mensa qualified.

There are times when my daughters and I have healthy, hilarious banters. Though quite often I find myself laughing hysterically at their repartee filled conversations, as a bystander. A wannabe. It's the same with my closest friend. He is almost always one up on me.

Where is the witty part of my brain when I need it?

Again, when I have access to my witty abilities, I am queen of the world.The most intelligent woman ever born. Pitty it's such a short-lived rarity.

I'm quite envious of those who have instant access to this ability. I am in awe of how clever they are. I'm not talking about being mean. Just clever. Anyone can be mean. It takes smarts to be clever. The latter is the sort I enjoy and appreciate. And found lacking.

I never give up, however. Because, even though I often come up short, I do so relish the times when I'm on my game.

How are y'all at repartee?

This is Day 18 of the A-Z Challenge!


  1. Oh Pam, I am also one of those people who slaps her head two hours later and wonders why I didn't say something differently or funnier....

    My Joe comes up with funny things in seconds, and people remember his jokes and crazy sayings. Me.....not so much!

    1. Isn't it annoying? And then to have your face rubbed in it by living with someone who has the gift? Insult to injury. LOL Thanks!


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