Wednesday, April 8, 2015


One thing our family has always enjoyed is playing games. There is not one single time when our family gathers that we don't have, at the very least, one night devoted to some intense game playing. You may wonder how we can possibly be intense when the games include Pictionary, Canasta, Spades, Hearts, Mad Libs, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, Farkle... 

Well, it's like this: if it's fun and we can make some noise- we're playing it and we're playing it BIG! 

The card games are hilarious for the most part.  Until people start getting competitively nasty and playing cards on their spouses that they have no business playing.  "I can't believe you played that card on me.  That's totally unfair!"  

Trivial Pursuit is fun until a certain couple starts acting like smart asses all "High-five Baby! Way to go!"--just because they win. Every. Single. Time.  

Pictionary is one of my favorites. It gets crazy when one family member has her turn to draw and people are guessing and she suddenly decides to help them out by using gestures, like Charades"You can't use gestures Maw-Maw!" But she just can't help herself and she continues to use the gestures every time her turn comes around. When it's a certain man's turn to draw and people guess wrong, he talks. "No, it's more like..." And everyone yells, "You can't talk, DAD!" And then there's the inevitable conversation when one partner does not guess the drawing correctly. "How could you NOT get that?" "Why would you think that that looks like a bicycle?! It doesn't even remotely resemble a bike!" "I can't believe you said hot. NOTHING in the drawing has ANYTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH BEING HOT!" "I can't believe that's how you draw!" "It's better than the way you guess!" Meanwhile, everyone who isn't on the bickering team has fallen out of their chairs laughing. I'm telling you right now you've never seen so many people raise such a ruckus and have so much fun without the aid of alcohol. 

We've even started playing the game Cards Against Humanity with two stipulations: we don't play it around the grandparents and it's called 'Sorry, Mom' around here (it was dubbed that the first time I played with them in December. That has gotten more laughs than the game itself.)

It doesn't matter what we're playing, our family just really likes to have fun. If y'all could be flies on the wall during one of our game nights, you'd probably swear we were all nuts!  

Which we are. But I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

This is Day 7 of the A-Z Challenge!


  1. We have Pictionary in the garage. Now I want to dust it off and play with the family tonight.

    Stephen Tremp
    an A-Z Cohost
    @StephenTremp on Twitter

    1. Do it! You will have a blast! Well, IF your family is crazy, like mine. LOL

  2. We love Pictionary too, but our latest most fun game is Apples to Apples. Now that game can get some folks going!! When our friends (my BFF) were here last month, we played cards and games nearly every night. Fun indeed!

    1. We've played that one too. I don't think we've ever met a game we didn't enjoy. :)

  3. Never played the game, I don't play a lot of games

    1. We play them all the time. Turns out, they're not only fun but also therapeutic. Who knew? :)


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