Friday, April 24, 2015

Traveling Vacations

Wait. That sounds like the vacations are traveling. I had to get the letters, 'T' and 'V' in one post so...

Traveling to vacations? Traveling to go on vacation? Vacations worth the travel time and money?

I'm pretty sure I'm either giving too much thought to this post or, not enough. Or I'm reaching. Or out of ideas. Or unmotivated. Dang. The challenge is quite difficult this time around.

All that to say, I'm not a traveler or a vacationer. We vacationed all the time when I was growing up but, when I was raising my daughters, we did not go on vacation and our only traveling was to the beach. Which is only 3.1 miles from our house so...

Living that close to the beach, one really doesn't need to go on vacation. Why spend all that money to go to another beach and still have to do all the chores when you can stay home and do the very same thing. Ha!

Seriously, I took my now grown up daughters and their significant others on vacation for the very first time just this past December. We went to the mountains. It was glorious.

But it wasn't enough to put the travel or vacation bug in me. I'm still more of a home-body. And I'm ok with that. I can always go visit the daughters who don't live close if I want to get away.

I'm interested in seeing Maine and Montana and Alaska. And that's about it. I have met some amazing, wonderful friends via blogging that I would love to visit in Europe. But I'd be just as happy if they came over to this side of the pond and visited here. And that's all the traveling or vacationing I care to do.

With ONE exception.

I'd go here in a skinny minute:

That's right. I'd go to Finland, stay in one of those igloos and appreciate the hell out of the northern lights.

Now, THAT'S a vacation worth the travel time.

This is Day 20 (and 22) of the A-Z Challenge!


  1. Those igloos look interesting and seeing the Northern Lights in person would be amazing, but I'll be happy to just see your photos, Pam. I really don't want to go anywhere I have to wear boots and a coat again! Way to combine two letters!!

    1. Thanks. Except that I combined two WRONG letters. Ha!

  2. I love to travel and see new places but there is also nothing like your own bed. Its a tough decision sometimes too whether to go due to the cost and the cramped conditions on aircraft these days.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

    1. I am way too claustrophobic to fly but I'd consider it for these igloos and the northern lights! But cost, on the other hand, will probably be what keeps me home. :) Thanks!

  3. Those igloos look bloody nice and yes I think it would be nice to look at t he northern lights

    1. Don't they, though? I'm really ready to go for a visit.


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