Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stress? What Stress?

What stresses y'all out more? Work? Family? Everyday life? Taking on new challenges? What?

There are times when I feel that everything stresses me out. Fibromyalgia didn't hit me nearly as hard as it did others but it still lets me know it's here on a daily basis. I'm overly sensitive to EVERYTHING. Bright light, loud noises (and some quieter ones), any odor that contains chemicals, most any touch, strong tastes (which explains my bland palate), chaos, clutter... And then there's the fact that I am a slight germaphobe. You can just imagine how interesting life can be with these characteristics.

Today, I'm talking about the stress of taking on new challenges.

When I took on a job teaching computer to elementary students I was grateful and stressed out. Me? Teaching computers? To kids? They know more than I about this stuff! The stress that came with this job was self-inflicted and I think, with me, this type of stress is the good stuff. It's the type that motivates me to learn more and do more in certain situations. While I did know more than the kiddos, they are fast learners. To stay ahead, I had to be prepared. It was crazy. It was stressful. And I loved it! But then...

At Thanksgiving, 2015, my daughter and her husband surprised the family with news of a BABY! I knew that moment that I would quit teaching and stay home with that sweet child so that my daughter and her wonderful husband could save for their first house. The payoff is off the charts to all of us, especially me since I see Baby M every weekday, and they'll be ready to buy that house in April 2017. WINNING! But that winning didn't come without stress. It was a new endeavor that we all took on but were let down by one who claimed to be on board so...

I decided to try and get creative. Even though I'm not an artist or creative. Smart. Nope. STRESS. When you're committed to people you can't back out and I'm committed. But I had to figure out to bring in some $$. So I used my bird photographs and my lack of artist skills and began making coasters to sell on Etsy. THIS is stressful because I don't like putting myself out there. I like backstage work. I like to be behind the camera. I don't enjoy recognition. But this time, I had to do it. The courage to press the 'open shop' button on Etsy was nonexistent for WEEKS. Ok, months. But I finally did it.

The coasters are not perfect but neither am I. And I'm not going to be though I certainly strive for it. To overkill levels. Which means I have harshly judged my attempts and I have fallen short. I'm leaving them out there anyway.

If you'd like to peruse the shop, just click the link here: CoasterDoodles.

Or here:

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!

Today is day 12 of NaBloPoMo for November!

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