Monday, November 7, 2016

Guess Who's Here?

It's day 7 of NaBloPoMo and what a wonderful surprise when I went outside to feed the birds/squirrels this morning. Blog fodder! When I stepped out onto the deck, I noticed that I was seeing and feeling, AUTUMN! She's here! Finally! I've waited for so long and I was so thrilled that I nearly cried tears of joy.

When you grow up in an area that blesses you with seasonal changes, you miss it when you move to an area that does not. I remember having more seasonal changes a couple of decades ago but no longer. I've been here for 31 years and I have never stopped missing autumn and winter. I still say that the seasons stopped changing so much around here after hurricane Hugo blew through. Call me crazy all day long but I will never stop believing this. Luckily, the upstate is a mere 3-hour drive. If I ever get the time to go. Oh, and a vehicle.

When I first moved here I liked it just fine. It was nice being this close to the beach (3.1 miles) and the only thing I had to adjust to was the tortoise-like pace of the locals which took me about 15 years. Anyway...

Warning! While true, this rings a bit negative: Somewhere in the last decade, the powers that be jumped into the pockets of big developers and this lovely little town has taken a turn for the worse. The name of the town is Mount Pleasant but it has become known as Mount Plastic. Sadly, the latter is completely appropriate. It speaks clearly of the types of construction and the people who have flocked here like they were fleeing the apocalypse from which, BTW, there is no escape. Little do they know how long time residents feel about their influx.

But this morning, there is fall and seeing her washed away all the facades that make up this town now. At least for a moment. The early morning still is quiet and calm and the sun rises on this cool,
fall morning sending the mad rush of the traffic and the people who have to be somewhere RIGHT NOW but do not feel the need to leave their houses early enough to be careful and safe into oblivion for a minute. The complaining of those who paid to have the wildlife habitats destroyed when that wildlife comes into their yards and destroys something (as if the wildlife do this on purpose) is silenced for a moment. The routine of the day is put on the back burner. All there is at this moment is quiet, peace, autumn.

Ah, autumn. How long I have awaited your arrival. Welcome.

Are you having autumn in your neck of the woods?


  1. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and yes, we have autumn here! We have been really blessed with a mild autumn, and the warm temperatures have kept the leaves on the trees for just a little longer than usual. I'm enjoying it very much!

    1. I bet it's gorgeous! I would love to see it but I know I would not be able to take the winters you have up there. :)


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