Thursday, November 10, 2016


During a usual day, do y'all communicate more with people online or offline?

I definitely communicated more with people offline when I went to school 5 days/week and talked with adults and a school full of elementary students. But now, as then. when I am home, I communicate more with people online. And, to be perfectly honest, with a few people, I prefer to communicate online or not at all. It's just easier and less stressful. You don't get that lull in the conversation and try to wrack your brain for filler and when you find filler you spout it and it sounds like...filler. 

I've never been good with small talk as I feel it is a waste of time and effort. I understand that people feel the need to start somewhere and that small talk can help you begin to know another person but, I just find it uncomfortable and, to a point, dishonest. 

I am not good at hiding my true feelings or faking conversation and it shows on my face. My facial expressions say it all. People can tell that I am bored, or not interested, or lying in an effort to participate in a conversation. Faking it is not my style. I've tried it and I do not like it. 

What works better is if I listen while someone who is quite good at small talk gets things started. That way, I have something with which to work. Of course, there are situations in which making small talk is easier for me. For example, meeting a blogger friend in person for the first time. But that's not really fair because I know enough about them from their blogs to enjoy a conversation with them. Shoot. Ok, when I meet someone who shares similar a lifestyle with me or who is a teacher or former teacher or...wait, that doesn't really count either, does it? Because we share likes already. 

Fine, Let's just boil this thing down to me not being comfortable in a social setting with people I do not know. I've even been known to be uncomfortable in a social situation when I do know the people. 

Right now, my offline communication is with close friends, my daughters, my 4-month-old granddaughter, some relatives who live close enough, and my sweet pup. 

I've gotten so much better in my aging years than I was before but I'm still uncomfortable. I'm simply not a social butterfly. Or maybe it's social anxiety? Sigh.

Are y'all comfortable in social situations? Do y'all make small talk easily? Tips? Tricks?

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