Wednesday, November 9, 2016


What makes y'all get things done- passion or sticktoitiveness? 

Most of the time being passionate about a project is the most important way for me to complete a task. However, if the passion is short-lived or dies out due to lack of interest because the task turned out to be less than I thought or I discovered that I lack the skills needed to see it to completion, then steadfastness comes in handy. As a matter of fact, it probably comes into play most of the time whether I'm passionate about a project or not because I'm stubborn. And dedicated. And a commitment freak. Even though I don't want to be in possession of any of those characteristics.

Passion. When I am passionate about something, I'm on it for life or until it is finished regardless of the degree of difficulty. I've rarely lost my passion for something. It takes a lot to lose my passion for something although my passions do change with age.   

Stubborn. When I make my mind up about something, nothing will hold me back from completion. When something is difficult, nothing will hold me back from defeating it rather than it defeating me. When someone tells me not to do something...I think you see where this is going. I am stubborn. I would rather keep at something until it kills me rather than give up. I'm not a give up kind of gal. However, there are times when I just flat out lose interest. In those cases, I either put it aside until a later time or I do give up and quit. 

Dedicated. If I have agreed to do something or decided to do something or taken on a project, I will stick to it out of sheer determination and dedication even if I've lost or never had the passion.  And yes, I realize this is the same as being stubborn.

Commitment Freak.  Yep. I'm one of THOSE. If I commit, I'm going to do it to completion come hell or high water. Although, this can take the fun out of a project. 

Bottom line: I will get the job done whether I'm passionate about it or just being stubborn. 

How about y'all?

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