Saturday, September 6, 2014

Work Ethic

I come from a long line of folks with tremendous work ethics. On both sides of my family. My grandparents came from farmers and mill workers on one side and the work ethic filtered right down to my very own children. Whether we work inside or outside the home, we put in our time, giving 110% , doing our best and then some and doing it in a timely manner.

I guess this is something that is no longer learned from our parents and grandparents because one school district in the tri-county area has begun implementing a work ethic program for students. I read that the program was implemented a couple of years ago when businesses complained that graduating students had poor work ethics.

One example is making it the students' job to get to class on time. If they walk in late, the teacher points out that, if this were an actual job, the student would be fired from his/her job.

Now, DD4 doesn't say anything, that I can find, about teaching responsibility or showing up (they just mentioned showing up on time) or work time not being personal time. I didn't find anything about having a positive attitude, being cooperative, making informed choices, developing effective communication skills, time management, appropriate attire, etc. Though I'm sure these, and other, skills are being taught. Right?

I don't have a problem with students being taught a good work ethic. I appreciate good work ethics. What I have a problem with is that the work ethics are having to be taught in school. Skills that were once learned from example by watching our parents and grandparents.

What happened?

I see it at our elementary school. The number of tardies alone are enough to make you wonder. I kid you not, the number borders on ridiculous. The clothes that people allow their children to wear is also bordering on ridiculous not to mention breaking dress code. Students are already disrespectful and rude and give well less than 100% every single day. Some of them act like the world OWES them.

And I'd like to know why?

Why can't people get their kids to school on time? Why don't they make their kids wear dress code appropriate clothing? Why do they not teach their kids the importance of giving their all, their best every day? WTH is going on?

Most of us learned these things from the examples set by our parents and grandparents. By the time we got to school we knew how to sit and listen. We knew how to cooperate. We knew how to be respectful of our teachers and our classmates. We knew that it was our job to do our best and to learn.

Is it because the grandparents of today's kids tend to live faraway? I don't think so because that would mean that today's parents missed the lesson or their parents didn't set a very good example. Is it because the parents are too busy which leads to be too tired? I take issue with this because I raised FOUR daughters who made it to school ON TIME every single day of their lives and make it to work ON TIME now. They all have a good work ethic. Two of them have outstanding work ethics.

So, what's the problem? I have no idea. I have my theories but they aren't very nice so I'll keep them inside. For now. But I do believe it to be a sad commentary on today's families that school now has to teach their kids how to have a good work ethic. Sheesh.

What do y'all think?


  1. Hmm..I agree with you..I see it everyday..students aka kids who come in late, not prepared..don't turn in homework..I just shake my head..for petes sake, I want to grab them and yell: Y'ALL ARE PAYING GOOD MONEY TO COME HERE!! (Well..their parents are, me..I am paying my own I work for it, come prepared, take the tests, do the homework etc. I guess us older folks (coughing--dang, about choked on that one, lol) have a better work ethic.

    1. I saw some of that in college too but I worked hard because of my work ethic. My girls saw a lot of people like you are seeing now. I almost choke when I say the 'o' word too. LOL

  2. Because more than half of our population feels entitled, and that is the attitude being fostered by our current administration. It is sickening.

    1. I believe that sense of entitlement has been fostered way before the current administration. But it is definitely present in many from my elementary students to some young adults I know. I think they get it from their parents who are too busy keeping up with the Jones' to pay attention to their kids but we sure better pay attention to them. It's crazy. And, I agree, sickening.

  3. Oh I so agree I don't get why so many of the youth of today gave no work ethic, they seems so lazy and expect things to be handed to them on a platter which I don't get.

    1. I don't get it either. My dad and I had a long conversation about it last night on the phone. It's just nuts.


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