Monday, September 29, 2014

Falling for the Listicles

Monday has come around once again. And quite quickly. One good thing about a Monday, besides being alive, is the Monday Listicles!

The list for this week is, 10 Things Autumn.   

This week's listicle is going to be easy and hard. Easy because autumn is my favorite season and hard because I can only list ten things! 

In no certain order, except for #1---

10 Things Autumn

2. Cooler weather. Summer weather sucks. It would be fine with me if we only had winter and autumn.
3. Baking- cookies, breads, doesn't matter what, it all tastes and smells better in the autumn months.
4. The holidays! Halloween and Thanksgiving!
5. The colors. I have fall colors in my house I love them so much!
6. The sweet memories of autumns past. So sweet.
7. Sweaters!
8. Pumpkins! Apples! Squash!
9. Hot apple cider!
10. My big floppy socks!

There is absolutely nothing I dislike about autumn!

Ok, what's on your list?


  1. Hi. I've come here through 'Monday Listicles.'
    I also love autumn. It is full of so many beautiful things.

    1. It truly is, isn't it? Just gorgeous all around. :) Thanks!

  2. Oooh! Hot apple cider is the best, and I also have several pairs of bif floppy socks. Can't wait to use them when it cools down. Happy Monday!

    1. I had some just the other day when the temps went down for a minute and it was raining. What a glorious day that was! :) Thanks!

  3. LOL! I thought you wrote LIPSTICK, LOLOLOLOL. OH much school work makes me a very dull girl, lol.---ANYWAYS--What's on your list is on mine! I love hot apple cider, and loveeeeeeee apple and peach cobbler with ice cream..smiles

  4. A good list although I have never had hot apple cider

    1. Oh goodness! You've got to give it a try. So perfect on a cold, rainy afternoon in particular. :)

  5. I hadn't realized you are associated with more than one blog! I recognized your profile pic and thought, I know her from somewhere! I think our paths may have crossed in midlife blogger circles.

    Great list (we included many of the same favorites) although I've never been into football. Over the years my husband's interest has even dwindled and he was a HUGE Broncos fan! And with the recent media coverage on head injuries and violence against women, I have a hard time not thinking about those concerns.

    Glad to run into you here!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I decided to start another blog where I could blow off some steam and get a whole lots of stuff off my chest. Some of the things I want to say didn't seem to fit with Empty Nest. I'm so glad you stopped and commented! I'll be posting about football sometime this season.

  6. Big floppy socks sound divine!


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