Monday, September 22, 2014

What's On My Mind- In List Form

Monday has come around once again. And quite quickly. One good thing about a Monday, besides being alive, is the Monday Listicles!

The list for this week is, 10 Things You Think About the Most.   

This week's listicle is just as tricky as last week's since my mind is on full speed all the time. This means that the thoughts are so fast and many that they become all tangled up like those confounded Christmas tree lights. I'll give it a go anyway----

10 Things I Think About The Most

1. All the things I need to get done around the house but never do because I've procrastinated to the point that most of it has become overwhelming. And then there's the whole 'why bother until I get roommates who aren't so dang messy all the time' issue. 
2. Why people are so mean and hateful that they feel the need to abuse animals and children and, really, anything/anyone weaker than they. Pisses me off every day. 
3. My grandparents. They've been gone for many, many years now. But nary a day goes by that I don't think of them and miss them. I had the best grandparents EVER!
4. Aging. And then, as soon as that thought pops into my head, I shove it out and move on. I don't like to think about it. Though it is better than the alternative. :)
5. My sweet pup. I love that little thing!
6. How unhappy I am in a relationship but then I remember how blessed I am in my friendships and with my sweet daughters and then things don't seem so bad after all. :)
7. How I need to lose weight in a big way but just don't seem to care enough to actually do something about it. I think up great ideas and then fail to implement them or I do implement them but not long enough to make a difference. Lazy. Bum.
8. The years of raising four daughters. I reflect on a nearly daily basis and take such delight in those memories. I also remember to be grateful to my grandparents for making the holidays so special so that I wanted to pass those traditions down to the girls. 
9. That I can't handle the heat and humidity anymore. On the other hand, I can't handle freezing cold anymore either. In other words, I can't handle either extreme of the daily temp scale. I need no less than 40s during the day and 30s at night. I've become a weather wimp.   
10. Why some people are so stupid. I teach elementary students and I swear I have kindergarteners who are more intelligent than some adults. Sheesh.

I have about 100 more but the listicles asked for 10 so, there you go! LOL

Have a great week, y'all!


  1. I certainly agree with your #10!!

  2. Yeah some of those are thoughts of mine like how I would like to lose weight that is usually at night when I am in bed trying to go to sleep .


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