Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Body Cameras to Keep Us Honest

One very early morning last week, I heard on the news that some places are considering body cameras on police. We already have dashcams in their cars. And then we have the public who are usually armed with cell phone video capabilities. I'm pretty much thinking that this is NOT a bad thing.

It seems to me that, today, a person's word does not carry the meaning it once did. Do y'all remember a time when someone's word, perhaps coupled with a handshake, was like making a promise? That when someone gave you their word (handshake included or not) you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would follow through? That their words were truthful? Honest?

I do. And I have known people like that. My granddaddy was like that. My dad is like that. My oldest brother is like that. I have a best friend from college who is like that. The lovelies are pretty much like that though a couple of them tend to forget things. There are some folks at school who are like that. But, when all is said and done, I don't really know more than 20 or so people who are good at their word.

Police used to be authorities that we could look to for help. I know there have always been 'dirty cops' but, when looking at the big picture, the majority of them were not. I'd like to think that is still the case. But I'm not so sure.

I don't think there are as many honest, forthright folks out there in any walk of life as there once was. And I find that sad. It seems we're all too concerned with saving face than being honest. We've gotten in the habit of finger pointing instead of fessing up. It's always someone fault other than ours.

Perhaps if people cannot be honest all on their own, body cameras, et al, will bring us back to it. I'm always holding out hope.

What do y'all think?


  1. Yep, I agree. Honestly and such are things of the past. Why, just last Thursday, long story short..2 others and myself won a little contest in one of my classes, (had to put 7 triangles of varying size into a square), well..the professor had laid out 4 candy bars, we took what we wanted. There was one left, do you know someone stole it? AND there are cameras in the classrooms..so..the culpit will eventually be caught, she is giving them time to make it right..well..just sad..Being honest, having morals and values are unfort. a thing of the past. Blessings

    1. Good lord. And over a candy bar. Seriously, that is crazy. You're right, honesty, morals and values do seem to be things of the past. Sigh.


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