Friday, August 1, 2014

It's National WHAT Day?!

Y'all know how people say, "Well NOW I've heard everything," only to find out that, indeed, there's something out there to top it. Well...

NOW I've heard everything. Yesterday was National Orgasm Day. Come on. Really? Who comes up with thus stuff? And, do they get paid for it? 

I first read about this at BlogHer and decided to Google it just to see what was out there. Wow. It's true. I found articles from Australia, the UK and right here in the good 'ol US of A.

I have to wonder how much of this is related to the new trailer that's out for the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. Have y'all seen it?

Yeah, so my first thought was, who is that? My second was, I'm not so sure he'll be able to pull off Christian Gray. And then I flip-flopped. I'm still flip-flopping. He's not the picture I have in my mind after reading the books. Yes, I read them.

Anyway, here are a few things I learned from my research:

According to the, orgasms:
·         offer an escape from reality
·         are natural highs
·         give confidence
·         can be addictive
·         should not be hurried or forced

The article also discusses the various types of orgasms tells the reader that the brain is the most erotic organ in the body. Now THAT fact explains a lot to me.

Ok, so on, we get 10 tips for orgasms. I won't go into all of them but, here are a few:
·         timing is everything (referring to the day of the month)
·         sometimes you need a little mechanical assistance (self-explanatory)
·         all orgasms for men are not created equal

And, according to the article on BlogHer, 75% of women have trouble having orgasms during intercourse alone. The article goes on to give women tips on this issue.

I'm pretty sure that the writer of the Women's Health article was way more interested in rushing out to achieve an orgasm or ten rather than writing about them.

Anyway, the point is, there IS a National Orgasm Day. Who knew? Or, have I been living under a rock?

I am not going to leave y'all with a recipe today. I'm pretty sure y'all already have your own very good recipes for this particular subject. :)

But I will leave you with this (cliche, maybe, but still hilarious):

Did y'all know yesterday was National Orgasm Day?


  1. LOL. Thanks for the laughter today.--as for the Fifty Shades of Gray actors--I am not sold on it. That is not who I pictured. Blessings

    1. You're quite welcome. :) Yeah, I'm not either. I had someone totally different pictured too. However, a group of us are planning on seeing it together so that will be fun regardless. IF we don't get kicked out of the place. LOL Thanks!

  2. Yesterday?? That's a little anticlimactic being that we missed it. My wife was just watching our DVD copy of Harry and Sally a day or so ago. Funny how you notice things that you don't remember seeing the first time around (I'm talking about the movie not the big O). Like the Chicago background at the beginning. Also Billy Crystal's character, Harry, is a real smart-ass jerk at the beginning. So if it is not already, they should proclaim the day after National Orgasm Day as National Nap Day.
    Hey good luck on the new blog. I was a bit surprised you decided to start a new one.

    1. It is, isn't it? LOL I've seen that movie so many times, I could probably recite it by heart. But I won't. :) I'm using this new blog more for venting and, perhaps, taking on some issues that most Empty Nest readers would find uncomfortable or not of good taste. Ha! I've got lots on my mind and it needs to get out. Plus, somehow my school account has become attached to my Blogger account and I can't get in to change my billing so they might take Empty Nest away later this month. This was not a problem until the district switched to Google. No one at school can figure it out and I can't get anyone at Google SO...there you go. Have a great weekend!

  3. Now I've heard everything.....maybe I should hear it

  4. Well heck. Wish I had known!! LOL

    I did not read the books, so can't speak to the characters in the trailer. I DID read 9 1/2 weeks, and seems like 50 Shades is just a replay.

    Enjoyed your post!! Made me giggle!

    1. I'm so glad you got a chuckle from this post! That was my intention. I love it when I can be the bearer of laughter. :) I didn't read 9 1/2 weeks. I'm not even sure I knew what it was about. I guess I do now. LOL Have a great weekend, my friend from Florida!

  5. Whew, luckily I didn't miss it! Thanks for the laugh. Stopping by from SITS and so glad I did!

    1. LOL I'm glad the post gave you a laugh! And so glad you stopped by also! Thanks!

  6. Nope, he's not at all what I imagined in my mind reading those books. Tall, dark haired (with a bit of a curl) and uber handsome is my imagination played out as.
    Thanks for your thoughts, I love reading them.
    Here's to a great upcoming week. It's time after the last couple of weeks from .... well not the nicest place. Take care Pam and have an awesome week.
    Blessings my friend!!

    1. The Christian Grey in my mind's eye is more like yours. Not loving their choice but will still go see it. Just because. LOL It's my last week of freedom and I am not ready to go back. You have a great week too! Hope all is well up your way!


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