Monday, August 4, 2014

Excuse Me, But This is MY Street

Even though I know that my street is not for my own personal, private parking or owned by me, I still get a bit unnerved when someone I don't know parks out there. These days, you just never know. I can't run them off since they aren't actually ON my property just parked in front of it on the street. And the street IS paid for by taxpayers. Still, I find it unnerving for some reason.

Like I said, I know I can't run them off, but I do take a bit of action. I go out there with my camera, stand within a few feet of their vehicle and I take pictures. Of the car. Of the driver. Of the license tag. Yep. I do that. And I am not ashamed.

I've been asked by some of those drivers why I am taking pictures. "Oh, just so that, should anything happen to me or mine, the police will have a starting point," I reply. And it's only slightly coated with snide sarcasm. And a bit of a smugness. Coated in warning.   

Anyway, one day last year, I came home from school and there was this big truck parked in front of my house. And there was a man sitting inside the cab. I came in, let Tucker happily maul me and kept looking out the window. He never left. Time to get the camera. I walked out and stopped on the porch. The camera was armed with the BIG ASS lens and I started shooting pictures. 

He got out of his car, walked around the front and into MY YARD.

Him: Is there a problem?
Me: Seriously? No. No problem. I just take pictures of everyone who parks in front of my house so that, should anything happen to me or mine, the police will have a good place to start.
Him: I AM the police.
Me: Riiiiiight. Where's your badge? (Geez, where are the people willing to tell me to shut up when I need them?)
He shows me this little, tiny thing that looks way too small to be a REAL police badge. I know this because I watch a lot of crime dramas and movies and if it's on the television, well...
Me: That looks too small to be a REAL badge. I want to see your photo ID. The ID that's supposed to be accompanying that tiny badge of yours. (Holy Crap! Where are those people to shut me up?)
Him: I left that at the office.
Me: Riiiiight.
Him: You can call the police station - and he calls out the number- and check with them.
Me: Really? I can do that? Gee, thanks for your permission.
So I go inside and call the police station.
The lady and I exchanged one or two pleasantries and then I told her of my dilemma. She told me that she didn't think they had anyone like that but she would find out and call me back.
"I don't know of any detectives like that. You keep an eye on him and I'll see what I can find out!"

Holy CRAP!

When she called me back she was laughing.

"I'm so sorry! It IS one of our detectives!"

Come to find out, he was out there watching a house a few doors down. It is a house that is rented by some guys in their 20s and the police were thinking there was some drug activity down there because there had been reports of a lot of traffic (we live on a cul-de-sac). I told him that was nothing compared to the foot traffic that heads down that way.

He actually gave me way more information than the cops on the crime shows I watch give out. Hmmm...

He pulled off soon after and I'm quite certain he called in something like: "Don't need to worry about anything on this road fellas. Except for the crazy camera lady." Followed, I'm sure, by my address. Just in case.

Did that cure me of caring about people parking in front of my house? Nope. I've taken several pictures since that time.

And I haven't shut my mouth either.

Does anything like this unnerve y'all? Or am I in this boat all by myself?


  1. It would bother me if a stranger was parked in front of our house. When neighbors are having company or a party, they always let us know there will be extra cars parking out front. We live on a 'No Outlet' street, so don't have much traffic, except for people who live in our neighborhood. There are only 24 houses. (I would take a picture from the window, though, rather than confront them.) That is a great story about the detective!!

    1. Right? These days you just can't be that sure. Sadly. Our street is a cul-de-sac but people still come down here anyway. I think they think it goes through to the other side of the subdivision. But it doesn't. Our neighbors are good about that too.

  2. We do that too. :) All the time. We even call the police and have had them cuff people who have been out there. My house is so far away from the road, people stop out there and does who knows what. I am always watching them with binoculars. Gosh I sound crazy.
    I have had so many weird things happen that you just have to be on your toes.
    That is a cute story.

    1. I knew there HAD to be at least one other person in the world who does this. LOL You're right though- we should all be on our toes. It's sad but necessary these days. Thanks!

  3. Funny story! I'm glad I don't live on a street, but, if I did, I'm not sure I'd have the guts to go out and take pictures of anyone parked in front of my house. People are crazy, these days, and I'd probably get shot!

    1. I don't think about getting shot. But I probably should. LOL

  4. I hear ya..we have to park on the street as we don't have a driveway, we are the same way, if someone is parked behind us (you can't park in front because of the fire hydrant & we live on a one way), we take note. There has been alot of suspious activity lately, especially after someones windows got bashed in..and someone running in and out of a house across the street. Enjoyed your post..thanks for posting what I was thinking, wink. Blessings

    1. We have a driveway but it's a little one. Only two cars, max. The man usually parks on the street but, when he's not here, other people do it from time to time. I want to know who they were- just in case! You can't be too careful these days. And, you're welcome. LOL Thanks!

  5. Oh I totally agree with you! We live at the end of a cul de sac in a nice development but...there is a rental house up at the end of a gravel road above our house. All manner of persons are always driving up that gravel road all times of day. It is unnerving when they always slow down in front of our house like they are scoping it out. We have even had to call on a few people who got overly nosey. ;( People never cease to surprise me.
    Maybe I'll drag out my camera next time. Great idea. Really enjoyed reading your post...made me laugh. I can just picture it.
    Have a great day! Valerie

    1. It truly is unnerving. I am always surprised when they park right in front of the house. And I, like you, do not appreciate my house being scoped out. Of course, part of that is because I watch a lot of serial killer movies. LOL Thanks! So glad you got a laugh out of it!

  6. I do notice cars parked in front of our house. I don't think I would take pictures of them. It does help the whole neighbor to be aware of the activity in it. The is a balance between privacy and public safety. Not sure we all find that balance in the same spot. I enjoyed the story and surprised you didn't post it closer to the event. I would have a hard time not sharing. After finding out the police were checking a nearby house, I would be please they are actively protecting us and upset the house is nearby.

  7. Most of the time there's nothing going on but we have had break ins in the neighborhood in the last six months. Luckily, the neighbors on both sides and across the street are home most of the time. However, one of the break-ins just a few months ago took place right under the neighbor's nose, so... Even being aware sometimes doesn't help. I shared that story with the neighbors and friends at school who thought it was a riot. I just never thought of sharing it on the blog. Go figure. LOL To be honest, I'm fine with them keeping an eye on things but that's NOT the house they need to be concerned with. It seems everyone BUT the police understand this.


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