Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stupid Asses

When, exactly, did it become the norm to rush out and publish something someone hears as truth right away without investigating? Shouldn't we know for sure, have the FACTS BEFORE making it public?

It's like every type of news media- television, newspaper, magazine, online. offline, wherever, whatever has now become a National Enquirer of sorts.

Is investigative reporter even a real career choice these days? I hear of it the on the news but I don't believe they are used for every piece of information that surfaces.

I believe it's pop culture. People, in general, are more interested in pop culture than they are in REAL, serious, LIFE CHANGING news. 

Let us consider the issue of Stephen Collins' alleged molestation. The next thing you know, we're hearing what certain celebs have to say on the issue and what friends of the wife have to say and how his novels fueled the alleged victim to speak up. 


Who knows how much of this is true AT THIS TIME? How much of this has been investigated? WHY in this whole wide world, is THIS important news worthy of our time and attention?

You know what I'm more concerned about? I am way more concerned about the convicted molester that moved into a neighborhood close to ours. I just do not understand why it's so much worse and why more importance is placed on this issue when a celeb of sorts is involved. 

You know what's sad? That this stuff isn't worthy of overload until a celeb or semi-celeb is involved. 

Why isn't it of the utmost importance when it happens on the peon level? 

Come on, people. Pull it together. Surely the high emphasis isn't related to the ROLE of MINISTER he played on television. He's not a minister in real life. Though there have been real life men of the cloth guilty of these types of offenses. But even those stories get a minute on the news and then pushed onto the back burner. But let a celeb be accused and BAM! Front page news that spawns baby stories and judgement and it stays in the forefront for weeks. 

This is just one example. This type of media reporting takes place all the time these days. Even GMA has put emphasis on a segment they call, POP NEWS. They fuel the fire of BS news because this is where the interest of the general public lies.

Which tells me that the general public truly is- STUPID.

Please know that I am not defending Collins- he's simply my example. I am bashing the media. Again.

What do y'all think?


  1. I agree with you. I don't even read the front page of the newspaper anymore. If you hear something today, wait at least three days to make sure what you read is true (sometimes it takes years!). The media needs to have their strings cut, and get back to research and real reporting. Grind away, my friend!!

    1. So true! They do need their strings cut. I hope the days of truth and integrity isn't a total loss forever. Thanks!

  2. Hmm...the liberal news is just top rated network shows (starts with a F) are known to do that as well, however, they don't spend alot of time on entertainment.I could careless on what celebrities have to say..why are they more important than us normal folks? (oh wait, whoya calling normal? lol)---in all seriousness, this nonsense has to stop..these teenagers and young ppl rather know about Lady Gagoodoll (whatever!) then really topics. I know, as being a teacher, you hear it alot...these kids (cough, young people) have no clue on the real world.

    1. Liberal news? Is that what people call it? I call it greed and stupidity. Greed on the part of the stations who get big bucks because the majority, apparently, of the population is stupid enough to want to hear what they're saying. No one wants to hear the truth they want something to entertain. The news isn't supposed to entertain, is it? Or am I wrong? I thought it was there to 'tell it like it is.' :)

  3. Yep..greed,stupidity...I think the people who listen, read it, or just plain don't want to know the truth are the stupid ones (I didn't say that did I?)..the "news" is only giving what the people want jmo. I am learning in my English Comp class how to be objective and get your facts straight when writing a paper. Journalism needs to go back what it use to be...informative, not biased. and not entertainment JMO


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