Thursday, October 16, 2014

Abusers Piss Me Off

Check out this video:

Even though I have too much a lot to say about everything an issue or two, I am, to a degree, a pacifist. I just have a hard time believing that violence breeds anything other than violence. I am one of those who believes we can still reason with others. Naive though that train of thought may be, it's where I stand in most situations.

However, when I see something like this (or child abuse or animal abuse), it not only saddens me, I can also become rather angry. There is NO EXCUSE for this type of behavior. NONE. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.

And no one can convince me otherwise.

When I watched the video, I found it difficult to take even though I knew it was a social experiment film. I don't like to see anyone beating on or verbally abusing another person--said the avid football fan.

Were y'all surprised by the results of the experiment? I wasn't. Why? Stereotypes.

In general, we believe that a man should not hit a woman. Every single person I know who has sons has taught them from the time they were little tiny tots that they are NOT to hit a woman, no matter what. So, when people jumped in to stop the man from hitting the woman, it was just the right thing to do according to our social mores.

So, why didn't they stop the woman from hitting the man?

I think the reasons were that people who see a woman carrying on like that think that she's crazy and will most likely go off on them too OR that the guy did something to deserve that treatment OR he's a wimp who can't even defend himself against a woman.

Y'all know how we're always complaining about those blasted double standards? Well, this is one and it's on the other foot.

If the person being abused cannot or will not stand up for themselves due to fear or embarrassment or whatever reason, we have to stand up for them.

It matters not who is abusing whom- stand up and say something. Period.


  1. An interesting experiment, for sure. I agree with you. Abuse is abuse. Doesn't matter who is doing the pounding (verbally or physically).

    1. Yeah, and emotionally and every other type. I don't know why people want to be so mean and hateful.

  2. pretty much summed it up...agree. (and since I am brain dead from school, that is all I can think of to say, LOL)

    1. I am brain dead from school as well. I wish I was the sort to play hooky cause I sure would tomorrow!


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