Friday, November 28, 2014


So far, I've kept my thoughts on the whole Ferguson situation to myself. I don't really see the need to fuel any fires by contributing to the chaos. But I read something today that I just cannot make myself stay silent about.

The article can be found on The Daily Currant site is entitled: FERGUSON PROTESTER ACCIDENTALLY BURNSS DOWN OWN HOUSE and my first thought was, "WTF?" So I read it.

The account was originally written up in the Ferguson Post-Gazette and recants the tale of a moron some guy who accidentally burned down his own house. Why was it an accident? Because he thought he was burning down a convenience store.  Which, apparently, is perfectly acceptable in his own mind.

To quote the article: "It was dark. I got all turned around. I thought it was a 7'11 or something,,"

Red flag number 1: The fact that he believes burning down someone's livelihood is ok.

The article continues the story with the man trying to put out the fire with his garden hose and ending up calling 911 for help.

And this is where the story reflects many things- stupidity, karma, idiocy...take your pick.

The man claims that the fire department told him they were too busy with other fires to come.

""I couldn't believe it. I mean we pay these peoples' salaries! What do you mean you're too busy? A black person's house burns down and suddenly your'e 'too busy' to put the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.""

No, friend. This is what stupidity in America looks like.

I'm not sure how or why burning down local businesses owned by local business people is helpful or adds any amount of credibility to the point being made. But I'm pretty darn sure I recognize stupidity when I see or read it. This is a prime example.

The man's final comment? ""If it weren't for those racist firefighters I'd still have a home."

Wrong again, friend. If you hadn't thrown the Molotov cocktail into your house, you'd still have a home. If you hadn't been throwing bombs at the businesses of innocents, you'd still have a home. If you weren't a complete and total idiot, you'd still have a home. Take some responsibility. Learn a life
lesson- karma will take a huge bite out of your ass when she has to.

How are any changes going to be made in the midst of chaos? Do we need to suffer the loss of more lives just to make a point regardless of its validity? What is the true motivation behind all the violence? How does ruining the livelihood of your neighbors make a difference? Do people realize that their credibility is all but lost at this point because of their methods of expression?

Just a little bit more to say--- burning places of business down, preventing people from earning a living, making people afraid to leave their homes and so on will NOT bring back the dead. Though it may very well be the cause of more deaths. The most we can do now is get in there and fight for change. And by fight, I do not mean with violence.

Be angry. Be sad. Be whatever you feel the situation warrants. But leave stupidity out of it. Leave violence out of it. Check your motivation and then get out there and be a world changer. Work towards the change you want. Live the change you want. BE the change you want. Make a difference in a manner that results in that change being made.

I'm all about getting behind a good cause. I'm all about changing what needs to be changed. But, if stupidity is on the team, I'm out.


  1. Like somebody said "You can't fix stupid", and this guy takes the cake. Thanks for sharing, this is great :)

    1. Isn't he ridiculous? I mean, really. I am a believer in protesting but the non-violent type. And this guy, well, let's just see if he would like to move to a different country or something. LOL

  2. Yep...plenty of can't fix plenty of stupids. I have managed to keep my mouth shut over this...let me just say, because I am going to burst (my bil and I got into it yesterday about this subject)...being married to a former US Marine Corp. Military Policeman...the cop was right. These ppl who are "protesting" ( just can't fix stupid), the race baiters and the outsiders and the NY Times who printed the cops address...I do feel bad for the parents, however, they can't OR won't see the truth--he robbed a store, he was high on dope, then attacked the cop, not raised in a good home (not that matters anymore, really) etc etc...ppl just can't or won't see/read the truth. I'm just saying this from a MP's wife...I can understand why the cop did what he did. Getting off the soap box now. ---feel free to delete the's all good...great post.

    1. I honestly am not opposed to protesting. I just believe that you lose all credibility if you protest in the way they are doing it. I am a true believer in non-violent protesting. What really happened out there, I have no idea. I was not there and I have a hard time taking the words of everyone else. We all have our own perception of events that occur- ask 100 people and you'll get 100 different stories. But if people believe a wrong was done, this is simply NOT the way to make a point. I would dare delete your comment! This blog is for grinding our grits! :)

  3. I totally agree with you 100%---I simply do not understand the violence (and still ongoing)---what their doing (their in general term)....well....never mind..I was just offering my 2 cents from a former cops wife point of view.

    1. I don't see the need for the violence either. How is it going to bring anyone back from the dead or solve the problems? It's not. They need to get it together. My last reply was supposed to read that I WOULDN'T dare delete your comment, NOT would. I need to read better before I click 'publish.' LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

  4. I agree with you, yet again!

    What I wonder is - it was a given that there would be violence, no matter the verdict. Why didn't we have National Guard troops there, in place and ready? Why put those citizens, who are law abiding, through all that terror?


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