Friday, November 7, 2014

Justice Fighter

I do enjoy living in my state. I don't love everything about it- the way-too-freaking-hot-summers-that-do-not-end-until-November--but, for the most part, I love it.

We have some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. We have beaches and mountains and all levels in between. We have good schools and a history that keeps you interested for life. We have motivated children and compassionate people. Hell, we're Lake Wobegon.

But, as with everything in life, we have our not-so-good too. And that's always the part that seems to get the most attention.

Recently, there was an incident close by that resulted in the resignation of a local power. While I am neither pro nor con of this person's time in their position, I will say that I am totally against what I believe happened that led to this decision.

I THINK that there was an action taken by some high school athletes that certainly, and very easily, could be construed as racial in act and, perhaps, intent. I THINK this was investigated by this local power and action was taken. I THINK that the REAL POWERS that be in our area- those with BIG MONEY- took offense and stepped in forcing said local power to resign.

That's what I THINK.

And it's not hard to come to this conclusion based on what I've read and what I know about this state after living here for nearly 50 years.

What else can you think when you know things like this happen but rarely have the opportunity to hear it because someone finally had the balls to record it?

Yep, that's the GOOD OL BOY sentiment that plagues our state. The fact that Graham tries to blow this off as a 'joke' is both disgusting and disturbing to me. And, the most shocking thing of all is that there are people who are shocked by his statement. Really? Have y'all not been paying attention? Are we still turning that blind eye and deaf ear to the GOOD OL BOY mentality?

The 'joke' was not funny. It was in poor taste. What comes out of your mouth, generally originates in your heart. No matter how you put it out there. When you have money- and I mean BIG money- in this state, you can do whatever the hell you want to do and say whatever the hell you want to say and not only get away with it but you can also get elected to congress. Repeatedly.

Graham was at a meeting of the Hibernian Society. An all white (if they aren't, I'd like to see proof), male, private club. Shame on the lot of them for laughing. This is the type of place where feminism is kept at bay. Where racism thrives. Where reactions to beaten women and abused children and gay bashing include laughter and the banging of glasses on the tables. Where religious differences are not tolerated. Where they are determined to maintain control and use their money to ensure it. They just don't wear the sheets.

Let me assure you that hiding behind closed doors is just as bad as wearing the sheets.

The athletes who participated in the ritual claimed they had no idea the ritual was racial in intent or was in any way racially insensitive. Really? Have they not read a history book? Have they not lived here and listened to people talk? Have they never heard of social or cultural stereotypes? I think they have. Their high school boasts the best and the brightest. AND, why didn't they choose pumpkins instead of watermelons?

And, apparently, they have money on their side.

So, in my mind, that local power who was forced to resign, who took it all on as her own decision, was a victim herself of trying to right a wrong. The money didn't agree with her. And now, she's gone.

One more Justice Fighter down.


  1. yeeeppppppppp. As for Mr. Graham, he is one of the majority of politicians such as Pelosi, Reid, Boehner and so on who need to go...jmo...anyways..yeeeeeeeepppppppppp. Sigh...

  2. Absolutely- HE NEEDS TO GO. It's so stupid. And crazy. It's 2014 for goodness sakes.

  3. I still can't comprehend that I lived not 10 miles from you and we never met :-(

    This post was spot on and not just about this incident. It happens ALL THE TIME IN THE SOUTH. So sad. The best part of what you wrote was "hiding behind closed doors is just as bad as wearing the sheets"!! Kudos to you for that one!

    1. I KNOW! We will meet- I will make it happen! It does happen all the time in the south. That was just one example. I could go on and on and on... Thanks!

  4. Politics and the southern good ol' boys network....all filthy.

  5. I love the state I live in have no interest in living any where else but the pollies in charge of the state usually have no idea what they are doing and are of course a bunch of liars

  6. just doesn't happen in the south...dirty politics and filthy mouths are everywhere. winks

    1. I think the politicians are criminals who are allowed to get away with anything and everything.


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