Monday, June 6, 2016

The Boss

Because there are some rather scathing posts coming in the next couple of weeks (not too bad but I have to get it out- school district stupidity and how PTA has changed over the years, for example) I want to start my end of teaching with a positive...

Have y'all ever wanted to be the boss? Not at home, where you probably already are the boss or, at least, one of the bosses, but outside the home at a job where you receive money instead of fulfillment (not that some of us don't have jobs that fulfill us) and love. I haven't. I just don't want those size headaches. Not even for the money (which, when you're in education is not that much more.)

Since deciding not to return to school next year ( because I get to take care of my soon-to-be-born very first grandchild), I've been reflecting on the last few years and thoughts of bosses have been on my mind. So, my question is: What makes a good boss?

I could tell y'all what a not so good boss is like but when I think of the AP at our school, Cindi, all I can say are good things. Because she's a really good boss. Really. Good. Fantastic, even. Why?

  • She's fair. No matter who, no matter what, she will be fair. She listens and asks questions. There is no assuming on her part. There is no jumping to conclusions. I've witnessed this from her whether she's dealing with parents, students, or teachers. 
  • She's an observer. She watches and listens and makes suggestions based on those observations. She never jumps in without first taking the time to gather her information. You won't catch this one making an assumption and acting on it.  
  • She empathizes. She cares and you know it. 
  • She has a sense of humor. She not only possesses a sense of humor, she appreciates humor in general. It's comforting to know that you can laugh with the boss.  
  • She's human, she knows it, and she doesn't try to hide it. If she makes a mistake, she owns it. She is never afraid to say, "I don't know" or "I'm sorry." 
  • She takes time. No matter who or when she takes the time to hear us out. Most of us have been to her countless times just to vent and she has, each time listened and offered either just the ear or a bit of commiseration. Even when she has to point out that we're misunderstanding a situation, she does it in a way helps us understand that instead of making us feel silly or stupid. She never tries to take away someone's dignity. 
  • She is professional but can 'let her hair down.' In other words, she does not have the proverbial stick up her butt. There is no attitude of superiority from her and this is a huge reason she is respected as a leader.  
  • She is supportive. She has your back. I have never doubted this. Not one single time. None of us have.   
  • She encourages and inspires. You know those people who bring out the best in others? Our AP is one of those. She is always encouraging us to be innovative. She inspires us to be the best we can be as educators and as human beings. We want to do and be our best.  
  • She communicates. We never have to wonder where she stands or what she expects. If she is disappointed, she will let us know. If she sees something that needs to be changed or improved, she lets people know in an inspirational way, never demeaning. She does not make assumptions but gathers facts before confronting anyone from faculty to student (I know, repeat, but this is huge in my book.) If she has questions, she asks them. She's a straight-shooter. 
  • She is honest. I have NEVER known our AP to be dishonest.
This all seems unreal, doesn't it? I would probably think so too had I not witnessed her first-hand. And, if I asked around, I'd probably discover that my list is lacking. There are so many lessons I have learned from her and some that I should have but am just too stubborn in my ways. There are several people I will miss, greatly, at school and she is one of them. Just the daily interactions with her as a friend will be the main thing, But it all ranks up there on the list.

I'm sure she has faults, she is human after all. But those apparently are far outweighed by her strengths because I don't know her faults.

I might even miss this next year:

Just kidding! Love you CP!  



  1. I second everything. Cindi kept me from losing it so many times! Even when she was going through some bad times she was always there for us.

    1. She's amazing! It was not easy to leave her. :)


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