Saturday, December 6, 2014

Merry, Happy, Joyous

I saw this somewhere in cyberspace a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It's exactly how I feel about it myself. It truly does not matter to me how others greet me during the holidays. I just appreciate that they bothered to greet me at all. 

There are people of many different cultures and religions in this country and I do not believe that people should try to force others to believe the way they do or say things the way they do. Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated in December. It's the one my family and I celebrate but it's not the only holiday. And you will hear me saying both "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" not because I'm afraid of offending anyone but more out of respect for their right to celebrate their holiday just as I have a right to celebrate mine. 

I'm sick and tired of people trying to force their views on me and judging everyone who doesn't believe the way they do. Sick of it, I say. 

Beliefs are personal. We are all allowed to hold our own views and beliefs in our own way. Though there are the entitled some (many, in fact) who think everyone should believe the way they do. That only their religion is the right religion. That only their political views are the right political views. That only their way of doing anything and everything is the right way of doing anything and everything. I disagree with them. Wholeheartedly so. 

I love the diversity in our country. I love that here, people have the freedom to believe and worship and celebrate their way and I support this freedom. I love hearing about other cultures and other religions and I made a point of exposing my four daughters to as much diversity as possible and they are most grateful for that exposure today. Exposure to the diversity has never swayed my own personal beliefs. No one I know personally or to whom I have been exposed has ever tried to change my mind but only to share ideas with me. I have not turned to a different religion. I have not adopted a different culture. And I have not turned gay. I have merely grown into a better person. 

The only people who have had a negative affect on my beliefs are those who share my faith. Those who try to force their views on others. Those who stand on their perverted version of the faith. They are critical and judgmental and I am, quite frankly, embarrassed. Was this great country not founded on the idea of religious freedom? 

In our home, we will celebrate Christmas this year just as we do every year. And, also, as we do every year, we will not sit in judgement or be offended by what other people celebrate. Nor will we give anyone a smack down who shouts a hardy, "Happy Holidays" or "Happy Hanukkah" or "Joyous Kwanzaa" or whatever in our direction. Instead, we shall respond, with a smile and a good feeling from knowing that they thought enough to greet us at all during the holidays, with a "Merry Christmas" or a "Happy Holidays" right back. And we will experience happy hearts from the exchange.

Isn't it just nice that we all have something in common? Something positive to celebrate that gives up hope? And, shouldn't we be more focused on THAT than whether someone is saying, "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays?"

The choice is simple. Spend the holidays trying to force others who celebrate holidays in December to ignore their traditions and adopt yours and sit in judgement of them when they do not or enjoy and appreciate our diversity and keep the joy in your heart and soul that the season brings. Regardless of the type of celebration.


  1. My feelings exactly. Well said Pam.
    I do wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and when the day comes a very Merry Christmas. Our Lords birthday, such a great time of year.
    Blessings Pam.

    1. Same to you and yours! I hope everyone is doing well up there. Hugs all around! Thank you!

  2. Yes this was indeed well said, I accept not all people celebrate Christmas but I do and all I ask is they accept that I do

  3. Thank you! Funny thing, I've never known any non-Christian be accepting of the fact that I celebrate Christmas but I have heard MANY people who celebrate Christmas not accept those who don't. Maybe it's just the part of the country I live in.

  4. well said. The diversity in our country can and has given us strength and benefits. Isn't there a fable about a naked emperor who doesn't know he is naked because all the followers have only his view of the world. Various opinions are helpful. Of course, all sides need to respect the others. With real respect conflicts can be worked out.


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