Thursday, December 4, 2014


We're doing a lot of work concerning bullying at our school

I love that they talk about bystanders in the video. Our school has adopted the Olweus bullying program this year and our students know all about bystanders now.

A bystander just stands by. They do nothing. They stand and watch or they slowly and quietly move away. Bystanders don't add to the bullying but they also do nothing to stop it or help the ones being bullied.

I totally get it. Sometimes, the bullying is so intense that the fear of acting on behalf of the bullied rules our actions. Especially if the bystander is a child or the one bullying is in possession of a weapon. I would think that all of us would give a second thought or ten if the bullying human was bigger or had a following ready to pounce. Nevertheless, if we don't stand up against those who bully, how will we ever stop it?

We've noticed that, at our school, the students are speaking out more and more. We're quite fortunate that we don't have much of a bullying problem but we're also fortunate to have a guidance counselor that wants to make sure it stays that way.

My hope is that, because we're starting the ball rolling in elementary school, that, at the very least, our students will be more willing to stand up to bullying as they get older.

Were y'all bullied as children? As adults?
Were you the one doing the bullying?
Have you stepped in on behalf of someone being bullied? (That's an upstander).
Have you ever been a bystander?

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  1. I am so happy that you (and others) are addressing this problem with the younger kids, in a way that they will carry with them into middle school and beyond. Thank you for that!

    You know, I'm sure there was bullying when I was in school, but I really and truly do not remember that bullying was a problem. Of course, I was in school in the 50s and 60s, I lived in a very small town, and had less than 50 in my class (that's the whole class!). There were "clicks" and best buddy groups, but I really don't remember nastiness or putting others down. We were all friendly. Perhaps there was more respect for others back then? Kudos to you and all the teachers/staff who are working hard to put a stop to it today!

    1. We simply must take a stand. It has already made a huge difference to our students. I don't recall bullying in our school either. I know there were mean kids but they were easily avoided. Plus, back then, if anyone messed with you, your parents would call their parents and excuses were not made for the bad behavior.

  2. I was picked on in school and so where all my girls it happens but being picked on a bit and being full blown bullied is different I think I am luck none of us were really bullied

    1. I remember kids being mean in high school but they were easily ignored. Of course, I will say that I will have nothing to do with them to this very day. The verbal bullying- teasing and such- was worse than anything. We're trying to teach our students about all forms and what to do when it happens. It's a shame we have gotten to this point in our society.


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