Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hertz, Hurts

Image result for HertzDo y'all rent cars when you travel long distances? We did when we drove to Nashville. Because we don't have a car that I trust to get me there safely. And, it was an 8-hour drive. Each way.

My thought was we would rent a car that I am considering buying. I would certainly get a feel for it after 8 hours on the road and 8 hours back home. Smart, right? Well, just try getting what you want from a car rental place. Talk about a racket. Sheesh.

As with most everything, there is the fine print and that's where they get you. They promise you the exact car you request until you arrive at their den of lies and stupid people and they give you what they consider a reasonable facsimile. Pfft. Hmpf. Pssh.

Lying sacks. All I'd like to have the car rental liars do is be honest. Tell me you don't have that car and then tell me what you REALLY do have so I can make a decision. Seriously, next time, I'm flying.

Oh, and AAA wasn't any better as they assured us the car of our choice WOULD be available. Lies. All lies.

Image result for avisOr I'll use Avis because I heard recently via the news that they have a new REAL TIME app that shows you what is REALLY available. Seriously, why hasn't this been a thing before now? Why can't care rental places give you what they say they will have for you when you arrive to pick up the dang thing? WHY is that so difficult? Of course, Avis will probably do the same thing as Hertz, cool app or not. How nice to show up and get the exact car we requested. At least I know I'll never purchase a Toyota Rav4. Or use Hertz again.

What I'd really love to see is car dealerships start renting cars. I would have gone straight to the Chevrolet dealership, rented an Equinox and, had I liked it, purchased it from them upon my return. Anyway...

The bottom line is this: car rental places (Hertz, anyway) are sneaky and their employees speak liar-rea-ha.  Also, I need to go ahead and buy a car.


  1. That was why we ended up buying a new car. My car is 16 years old, and driving to my daughter's house is a 9 hour drive one way, so we decided it was better we just bought a dependable car. It sure was a relief to know we have a dependable car now. Rental places are all scam artists.

    1. I really need to do that. I have to be able to travel back and forth to Nashville without renting a car every time. I think you might be right about all the car rental places being the same. I was hoping that Avis would be different now with the new app. Who knows? :)


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