Monday, June 22, 2015

The Art That Comes Out Of Tragedy

For those who do not follow Empty Nest:

This is a sample of one of my favorite pieces of art that has come out of the tragedy. It was created by one of my favorite people- our neice, April. She is offered prints of this piece on her site and ALL proceeds go to Mother Emmanuel AME Church, where nine people lost their lives last week.

Just click on the picture to go over to April's site, April Knight Worship Artist, to see the print and for ordering information.

This piece was inspired by the chain of love created by over 10,000 who gathered and walked the bridge last night. (The pictures are from WCBD except the last one which is credited in the lower right corner)

I'll leave you with the sermon from Mother Emmanuel AME Church yesterday, given by Reverend Goff. It was quite powerful.


  1. As you know I do follow Empty Nest.................just thought I would remind you I did

    1. I know you do. And I appreciate it very much! :)

  2. Nice post. It's sad that our attention/interest to problems needs a horrific tragedy to get this type of action going. I do hope that the bringing of people together can last and spread more.


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