Monday, November 14, 2016

What Do You Do on the Weekend?

I'm either enjoying comparing lists from last year with this year or I'm getting really lazy about posting every single day for November NaBloPoMo. Maybe it's a combination. Anyway...

How do y'all spend your weekend? Do you take advantage of the great outdoors? Sit in front of the television? Visit friends and relatives? Make that new recipe? That's what this list was all about- things to do on the weekend. I should probably try this when football season is over since pretty much all I do during football season is watch football. Saturday and Sunday. There are a few other things though...

My weekend list from 2015:

10 Things to do During the Weekend:
  1. During football season, plant yourself in front of the television and ENJOY.
  2. When football season ends, sit and pout until August when preseason begins.
  3. Take the pup down the nature trail to the marsh. Take the camera. 
  4. If there's a wedding in the family, do wedding planning related stuff. Do it early in the mornings so you can be back home before the games start (college football on Saturdays you know). IF it's not football season, try to drag your depressed self up and don't worry about when you leave or come back.
  5. Do the grocery shopping for the week And some of the cooking. WooHoo. What fun tasks.
  6. If it's raining, do the dance of joy and watch some old movies, read a book, take a nap, play with the pup---anything that suits a rainy day.  
  7. If it's snowing, I'm jealous and don't want to talk to you.
  8. Take the pup over to the beach for a walk or run.
  9. Write some blog posts. Work does tend to get in the way of this.
  10. Go downtown Charleston and take pictures of the tourists. Which is way more fun than you might think.

And this year's list:

10 Thing to do during the Weekend:
  1. Sit down because you've been on your feet all week entertaining your 4-month-old granddaughter which is both exhausting because you're old and wonderful because, granddaughters!
  2. Turn on the television and watch football because it's football season and no one bother me until February.
  3. Write blog posts because during the week there is no time due to entertaining your 4-month-old granddaughter. Or the exhaustion that follows. But you love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. 
  4. Go to the grocery store because you are too tired from entertaining your 4-month-old granddaughter to go during the week because you're old now but it's ok because, granddaughters.
  5. Enjoy some take-out. I love take-out while watching hours upon hours of football.
  6. Read. When the games are boring (68-0) or you don't really care that much about the games that are on at that time, enjoy a bit of reading. Haha! I don't stop watching football to read a book, I read before the games start on Saturday or Sunday.
  7. Take the dog and your camera out for a walk and some picture taking. NOT during the games, though.
  8. Get the house cleaned up. There's no time or energy during the week because...well, you know.
  9. Go watch football at a pub with loads of televisions so you can watch your team at the same time you watch Matt Ryan, hopefully, lose. 
  10. Relax and enjoy the time doing whatever the spirit moves you to do!

Not really that much different from last year except for the granddaughter part. :) The list would be much different when football season is over. I'm serious about my football, y'all. I LOVE watching it and I do not look fondly upon those who schedule things like showers, birthday/anniversary celebrations, and weddings during football season.

Ok, your turn! What makes your weekend list?

This is day 14 of November NaBloPoMo!


  1. I am a list maker, I don't often do what is on the list but I do like to make a list of things I hope to do, generally of a weekend I like to chill and do very little

    1. I have to make lists just to remember things. LOL


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