Friday, November 11, 2016

10 Hashtags about Me

Looking back over past posts (I seriously had no idea that the Grits started in 2014) I found a fun post I wrote about hashtags. It wasn't an original idea and I tried to find the blogger who hosted this but, apparently, she's not blogging anymore. Anyway, we were asked to make a list of 10 hashtags that describe us. I thought I'd do a comparison for day 11 of NaBloPoMo. While I'd keep some of my 2014 hashtags today, I'm changing them all up just for fun. 

Here's 2014's list:

10 Hashtags That Describe Me

1. #momtobestdaughtersever
2. #ilovemydog
3. #iamtoooldforthatsh*t
4. #iseestupidpeople
5. #WTF
6. #itisfootballseasondonotdisturbuntilfebruary
7. #theloveboatsailedwithoutme
8. #doublecuppaontheweekends
9. #textingfool
10. #don'taskifyoudon'twanttoknow

Actually, that's not too bad. I'm still not that great at hashtags but here's 2016's list:

10 Hashtags that Describe Me

  1. #firsttimegrandma
  2. #passthegeritol
  3. #carolinapanthersarekillingme
  4. #wheresthedamngeritol
  5. #walmarthasgeritol
  6. #laughingalltheway
  7. #tellinitstraightup
  8. #lovemyfriends
  9. #suckingdowngeritol
  10. #rockingmiddleagelikearock
Hashtags can be fun. And funny. And clever. Or, like mine, only fun. :)

Have a great weekend!


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